Relation between Cell Phone and Brain Tumor – Latest Study

Relation between CellPhone and Brain Tumor

Relation between CellPhone and Brain Tumor

A new bit of data has emerged about the idea of cell phones and the brain tumors.

Seems that Environmental Working Group released data just recently that detailed just how much radiation you’re sucking up when you’re on the phone actually and then Los Angeles Times followed that with a strange study. Check this out:

when the data from 23 studies was pooled together, there was no conclusive link between brain tumors and cell phone usages.  This by itself would be interesting if not necessarily newsworthy, but when the Times jiggered the evidence a bit, comparing data from the “eight strongest studies”, they found out that cell phone users had between a 10 to 30 percent higher chance of getting brain tumors, with the more time spent on the phone being higher risk than those who spent less.

And then, here’s the weirdest point: seven out of eight of those “strongest studies” were all conducted by the SAME GUY IN SWEDEN


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